Android App Development Training

Recent years Android app development seems to be massive growth, Android mobile user is growing every day at the same time there are a lot of android application are launched for reducing difficulties in our day to day life.

At this time, Mobile Phones is not only usable for calling and messaging but also wide range of purposes with Android operation system to preferred by all users across the globe. Many of persons use android phones to use creative applications. This trends are increasing all heart of persons. So JustJava training institute will helps you to learn to build up creative application with use of SDK, Library and library. Develop user friendly application personal and professional use.

Android is important for freshers because it has become favorite mobile development platform for developers across the world. It is an open source platform that offers more flexibility and resources for developers to plot their creative ideas effectively to develop Android mobile apps and games. The best part about Android operating system is its feature of being open source. Though most of the people believe taking career training course is waste of time, actually it is not. An individual is recommended to get trained by experienced professionals to gain core and practical knowledge on android mobile application development.


  • What is Android?
  • Setting up development environment
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Android Runtime Environment

Application Structure

  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • Uses-permission
  • Resources &
  • Assets
  • Layouts & Drawable Resources
  • Activities and Activity lifecycle
  • First sample Application Android App Fundamentals

Emulator-Android Virtual Device

  • Launching emulator
  • Editing emulator settings
  • Emulator shortcuts
  • Logcat usage
  • Introduction to DDMS

The User Interface and Controls

Graphics and Styling

Supporting Multiple Screens

Animation and Graphics

Menus and Dialogs

Notifications and Toast

Working with Media

Preferences and Data Storage

Locations and Maps

Creating a Home Screen Widget

Publishing Your App

Congratulations! Now you can develop ANDROID BASED APPLICATIONS.